About Us

We have an emotional heritage in identifying ourselves as “candle merchants”. Through tens of centuries candles were the primary source of lighting, with tallow merchants providing candles for the community -- Joshua Franklin was a candle merchant in Philadelphia when son Ben was born.

Over the past thousand years the flame of the candle transcended its role as lighting to become a symbol of many of mankind’s higher values: the personal qualities of truth, wisdom, knowledge, learning, remembrance, hope, love, peace and faith; and community qualities of commemoration, unity, liberty and freedom.

There is wholeness in a young family gathered around the supper table with a single candle for light, watching together the gentle falling snow as it accumulates outside on the railing of the empty winter deck. There is love beckoning as the rowboat guides silently toward the nighttime shore from whence a welcoming candle glows in a cabin window. We are called to challenge in the sight of a flame carved above the schoolhouse door, with the inscription: “Enter to learn; Leave to serve”. We share a human connection through the photo of a Prague evening with citizens carrying candles into the street, quietly calling an end to Soviet domination. This is the passion of a life lived with the candle, and why we are candle merchants.